Fall 2023 Tee-Ball/Softball/Baseball Registration

Registration for the Fall 2023 is now open for all players age 4 through 8th grade.  Volunteer and be selected to be a Head Coach and receive FREE registration for your player! Free registration will be applied to the next season (fall, summer or spring). Every season as Head Coach equals a FREE registration for the following season. Volunteer to be a Head Coach today and have your player play for free for the rest of his/her MGBSA career!

Division2023-2024 GradePriceSeason DatesHome Field Location
SluggersTee BallPre K-K$100.00Sat AM: Sep-Mid OctMansfield Park
GiantsTee BallK$100.00Sat AM: Sep-Mid OctMansfield Park/Palma Lane Park
PintoBaseball1st-2nd$135.00Mid Aug - Mid OctMansfield Park/Palma Lane Park
MustangBaseball3rd-4th$150.00Mid Aug - Mid OctMansfield Park
BroncoBaseball5th-6th$155.00Mid Aug - Mid OctNational Park
PonyBaseball7th-8th$160.00Mid Aug - Mid OctPrairie View
PigtailsSoftball1st-2nd$135.00Mid Aug - Mid OctPalma Lane Park
Jr. PonytailsSoftball3rd-4th$150.00Mid Aug - Mid OctAustin Park
PonytailsSoftball5th-6th$155.00Mid Aug - Mid OctAustin Park
Sr. PonytailsSoftball7th-8th$160.00Mid Aug - Mid OctAustin Park

Registration will be open through mid-late August. Feel free to register anytime and we will place your player onto a team after registration closes. Note that player friend requests cannot be guaranteed as we need to balance teams for skill across MGBSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a specific coach or team? Answer: Unfortunately no. Given the number of players, coaches and requests, it's not possible for our board to accommodate every player's coach/team request.
  • When will my child practice/have games? Answer: While Tee-Ball has a set time on Saturday mornings, at the higher levels, this is no longer definite. Practice schedule is set by our volunteer coaches based on their availability. Game schedules are not in our control and are set by the leagues where we play.
  • How often will we have practices/games? Answer: You should expect anywhere from 2-4 events a week (between practices and games). While at the Pinto/Pigtails level, the number of events will be closer to 2, at the older levels, there will be closer to 4 events/week.
  • I registered months ago, When do we start practicing? Answer: In the spring, we try to start practicing soon after spring break in early April. We cannot use the fields until they are safe and dry enough to play on. In the fall, we don't start until the summer season is over (baseball) and usually in early August.

If you have any other questions about registration please contact MGBSA at

*MGBSA wants every kid to have the opportunity to play ball. If your family is experiencing financial hardships but has a player interested in playing, please contact us about our financial assistance program.

Fall Tee-Ball/Baseball/Softball Registration