Coach’s Corner

Coach's Corner

MGBSA believes in player development first at each level of our program. This means creating a culture that is built upon teaching players the right skills and techniques suitable for their age group.

We take an approach similar to building a house, where each level of our program is built upon the other. Below is a quick view of the skills in which we want each player to master at their respective level.

To assist you in helping achieve these goals for your team, we have developed an overall practice plan to assist you in running a successful 90-min practice.

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Tee Ball (Pre-K and K)

  • Throwing - How to hold ball, step and throw.
  • Fielding - Catching ball with two hands, field ground ball between legs.
  • Hitting - Holding the bat, placement of feet, seeing bat hit the ball.

Rookies and Pigtails (Grade 1-2)

  • Throwing - Ball grip, throwing progression, and proper technique during action.
  • Fielding - Foot placement, glove down and hand on top for grounders, watch ball to glove.
  • Hitting - Holding the bat with “knocking knuckles” lined up, placement of feet, weight on balls of feet, head down and swing through the ball.

Minors and Jr. Ponytails (Grade 3-4)

  • Throwing - Throwing progression, proper technique during action, throwing accuracy.
  • Fielding - Proper pop-fly catching, know where to throw ball, everyone moves on every play, and catchers throw every time player steals.
  • Hitting - Knowledge of foot/hand/weight placement, twist hips, swing explosion.
  • Pitching - Proper pitching motion, command and accuracy over speed.

Majors and Ponytails (Grade 5-6)

  • Throwing - Consistent arm path of all throws, ability to get rotation on ball.
  • Fielding - Foot placement as fielders approach ball, defensive situation awareness, and applying proper tags; catcher specific techniques and skills.
  • Hitting - Weight transfer from back to front, drive bat with barrel through ball, and bunting concepts.
  • Pitching - Command of pitches, throwing with authority, and change grip for different pitches.

Seniors and Sr. Ponytails (Grade 7-8)

  • Throwing - Continued consistent arm path while throwing with authority.
  • Fielding - Rotational coverage of bases, holding runners, and defensive positioning pre-hitter; further build upon catcher techniques and skills.
  • Hitting - Consistently put the bat on the ball, concepts of positional hitting, ability to bunt on command.
  • Pitching - Add in different pitches, pitching strategy, and pickoff moves